An Elegant Pain

Bahaulddin Rawi

Bahaulddin Rawi

Kan USA förhindra terrorism, eller är man en sponsor av terrorism? Det frågar sig Bahaulddin Rawi, asylsökande i Åbo.

The alarm of danger starts ringing in all the corners of Iraq, since the migration of the intellectual, artistic minds and determined journalists, as I am one of them departing that Sadist Father (Iraq).

When we review the modern history of Iraq, we did not hear or see one Iraqi (refugee) left home and ventured into the sea in order to cross into a secure country or to receive his fate by drowning as hundreds of Iraqis swallowed with their families by Aegean waters.

In a blue April of 2003 when the American cannibals raped and buried our smiles by their allegations of the letter of democracy that we discovered later it was a dead letter, actually a letter without words only a big lie, what a lie, an elegant lie. Unfortunately, the Americans passed this lie on the people who dreamed of an awesome beginning but their dreams were fake happy faces and they started new life with suffering and conflicts that nobody heard about before and one of them was a bitter sectarianism that planted in Iraq, specifically in the hearts of naïve people and unluckily became in their blood.

Obviously, the United States and its allies are in charge for the crimes committed by the invasion forces in Iraq 2003 and bear the biggest of them, and so far they are responsible for the blood that is flowing for more than a decade also the ruling power that followed the invasion and occupation of Iraq is responsible too for the disastrous immigration from their Homeland by the serious consequences and results.

Yes, those pains and conflicts in addition to the epidemic of racism paved to counterproductive immigration and after we look good for the return of the intellectual, artistic, literary minds and the journalists who worked hard in the field of journalism to find out the real word, suddenly we saw the idea of immigration became the opposite of what the ships crave by announcing that (some) of the golden elites of the Iraqis in a new wave of immigration seeking asylum in Europe and other countries to escape from the bitter reality and also to be away from what many of intellectuals, writers, artists and journalists faced like assassination by car bomb, a silencer, kidnappings and extortion by certain parties who do not belong to Iraq, but to the colorful militias from the enemies of humanity and who sold and betrayed their country.

Otherwise, I see this an escape is the way to the deep sadness and danger when those minds abandon their Homeland to inhabit (agonizingly) other countries and they forced to be creative and continue in life as their forced to be here too.

Ridiculously, we see most of the countries are weeping on human rights and the leaders attempt to “act on the stage of the refugees” while “Human Rights” bared its fangs to the victims, yes the victims of the leader’s policy of interfering in other countries affairs, abetting civil wars and smuggling militants with terrorists into other countries then lamenting the peoples of those afflicted countries in a ridiculous play and getting benefit from the tragedy of these refugees.

Thus, the result of the intellectual deception that tricked Iraqi people under the pretext of freedom and the elimination of oppression by U.S.A. army is an oppression and poverty that became a title on the land of Mesopotamia, which is almost empty nowadays of the native people and has become (as they made it) a hotbed for the export of real terror for the world while the colonizer coalition has devastated everything in Mesopotamia, under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

So, my question is “Will America be able to prevent terrorism, or is that today America itself has become the first sponsor of terrorism in the world?”