Wow, our Baghdad is safe!


Written by Bahaulddin Rawi. Photo: Montaser Jaduo

I write with the color of blood and burning tears …

Baghdad is not safe anymore, I mean the whole Baghdad, cafes, markets, alleyways, backstreets, garage cars, mosques, churches, cinemas, schools, and even universities; all of them are threatened. Life has become lifeless between the jaws of terrorism and the razor of militias’ claws.

Clocks no longer refer to the time; the time itself has been lost from people’s memories as they move on the sands that take them to the hell ground at any moment. Even the beautiful sky is no longer blue and clear anymore. Panic invades the streets of our real Baghdad. Baghdad died and the crow croaking is only there in the corners and corridors while the smiley faces of people become impossible.

Let’s talk about cemeteries; they are crowded by “customers” from all races and types, a Muslim Sunni from the west, a Muslim Shiite from the south, Sabian from Maysan, a Catholic from Kirkuk, an Armenian from Baladroz, thereafter the picture of the situation became different as a camouflage, a Sunni body in Karbala’a is slaughtered from vein still reeling before cutting the second vein, a Protestant body is on a pile of waste as a corpse without legs and hands, then another corpse of a Muslim Shiite slaughtered near the mosque. No one really understands what the hell is happening in this country that is plagued by butchers who are racing to the necks while leaving the sheep, buffalo and cows to roam freely and mock human beings. Yes, no one can imagine where we are now as if we are in a bloody scene of a horror movie.

This is our Iraq nowadays, without exaggeration and intimidation; you find nothing there: no water, no electricity, no security and no peace in a country where you see death sneaking into the alleys, houses and streets. Our life there has become a scary and poisoned day – we live under daily killings and the news of kidnapping and revenge, even the schedule of killing and slaughter, which is broadcasted daily on television screens, and social media does not change.

You know what; honestly I cry blood every night for many reasons one of them is even so far away from home, I don’t feel the unity that had been stolen from us in 2003.

Thank you “america”… Thank Your Majesty for the freedom … Thank your Highness for democracy and enjoy our Oil, Petrol and the destruction of Mesopotamia, “The Country of Civilization”.

After this devastation, I felt that there was nothing behind my bones, just tiredness and whine, but suddenly, I decided to write and I still have a lot to tell.