Fight on the quick rhythm, easier than it was expected


Iraqi forces, nearby the airport of Mosul.

Iraqi forces, nearby the airport of Mosul.


On sight of Mosul airport, it’s only 3 km away, Iraqi forces stand from the city center. Here in Western Mosul that looks forward to a new morning and to the era of no terror.

One day passed, and people in Mosul that plagued with hunger and fear, have woken up on rejoicing news. Electricity was cut, but relatives and friends accelerated to throw the missionary of battle kicking off.

It was completely incredible happiness, despite the famine and everyday killings. The eyes of locals were staring each other with sparkling gazes. No word is allowed to say, outside but smiles are enough.

ISIS fighters are continuing the escalation against innocents, arrest them on charges being linked to collaborating with liberator troops. Dozens were reportedly killed, within a week.

ISIS has informed locals through Friday sermons that people in eastern part must leave the town, otherwise they will be a legitimated target for the Islamic state attacks. And in case you welcome the infields, you will also be a target, ISIS said

Meanwhile, a family in the old town was found dead because of ISIS mortar shells on the residential areas, as a bid to provoke people and putting them before the choice of no war. Also the coalition airstrikes have managed to kill many ISIS leaders and families. But still there have not easy to avoid casualties in a very dense city.


The End

ISIS has finally believed that this time it is the ultimate round. From inside Mosul, people talk about ISIS fighters who fare-welled their families with tears while they were heading to the battle. ISIS fighter in central Mosul it is said that he knocked the neighbor’s door for informing them that “my family is a deposit whatever happens to me” ISIS wives lamented that their husbands wouldn’t be able to return from this battle. ISIS families who fled eastern Mosul, took the crammed residential neighborhoods in western Mosul as last stronghold, before the crucial combat.
Another reports from southern neighborhoods in western Mosul say, a dispute among ISIS fighters said to be taken place for setting up a rocket launcher in a very crowded street.

Meanwhile, ISIS continues digging the walls, from house to house, in a despairing attempt that may facilitate the mobility of ISIS fighters, in midst the battle. Iraqi forces have managed to retake Mosul airport on southern part and Quzlani barracks. The flow of the battle is very quick so that two neighborhoods have been totally liberated within only two days.

The crucial battle has just started


Iraqi prime minister declared on today the start of the military operation to recapture the west bank of central Mosul from the grip of ISIS. After four hours of combat, news come from there that ISIS is surprisingly collapsing while the troops are carrying on advances from the western south towards the center.
last month, Iraqi prime minister assured the east part of Mosul has been totally cleansed from ISIS elements, and there will be another rejoice with driving ISIS out from whole Mosul.
Why this battle is crucial
The west part of Mosul is the historical city, and the vital areas. It is the city center and the place where ISIS Kalifaat chose to appear from the first time, and declare the so called Islamic state from there. It is also the last stronghold of ISIS in Iraq, and the capital of ISIS. It is a home for more than 750,000 inhabitants most of them are from the working class. Locals from there, have assured that ISIS squeezes on people and tighten the rules, day by day more victims are being thrown on the streets. Only the battle could prevent the frenzied ISIS elements from confiscating the stored food from the locals and punish them for silly things.
The famine there
With the siege being imposed by the Iraqi forces on Mosul since months and targeting the vehicles on the outer highways, the transporting of goods from Syria became so difficult. People in the western part of Mosul are passing through serious crisis of lacking of food and fuel, that reports refer that many locals started to search for food in rubbish. While others have stored the grains, beforehand.
Also, there are many death cases have been recorded because of the hunger and the bad nourishing. in this very moment, people in there have sent many messages to international community as a bid to accelerate rescuing them before the death hits them once.

Mosul is not a stricken city



Two parts, one is totally devastated, while the other is on the edge of a likely famine. It is no doubt the city of Mosul. The war has been ended in the east part of the city, but it’s still casting the shadow of the death, everywhere. The odor from the ISIS corpses that are tossed here and there, can tell you more, about what the city is like, after war. A shallow governmental assistance, it is what has been allocated to revive the city, except some humanitarian efforts by organizations that can not fulfill the tremendous need. Overall, Mosul is still not a stricken city, in the eyes of  Iraqi government!

I would say it is not a stricken because, it is no longer a place for living. The city has lost its bridges, fundamental establishments and cultural aspects. What left, it is not more than a wreckage, and the burnt libraries. Electricity doesn’t operate all the time, while people stand in queues for hours, in bid to get some water. I wouldn’t mention the ills who die everyday because of the shortage of medical support. Thereafter, people still talk with sparking eyes, as they are still alive. They don’t realize anymore the serious danger that has engulfed the town, before and after the battle. The loaf of life would be fine, that one bite of it, fills mouth and silences those who had been complained in the past, demanded the human rights and freedom of speech. It turns them, thinking about the bread of tomorrow, not more. It might be funny, to talk about drinking water from the taps and taking a warm shore in the morning, that is what has been forgotten over the two past years. To be honest, I am compelled to say that people had live during ISIS time, the giant horror but not the lack of these fundamental services. There, in the liberated areas, Mosul is still undergone the political disagreements. And the same faces who should have been sued since two years for their deficit to protect the city from ISIS, are at large, and still in the office. The same crisis as before two years, is sweeping the town, and the same sectarian discourse is to emerge, while the same politicians are getting ready to return. Meanwhile, the locals are starving in the west part or let’s say the ISIS part, and the Iraqi liberated parts, there are new sufferings and tragic stories, that  are written always by the blood of innocents, after wars.

Mosul has lost its adjective of being a livable city, when death toll in the liberated areas is still there, every single day, people die, because of ISIS shells on the civilians. The danger is too close. It is due to strike everyone, only the Tigris river that splits the city, can decide, what are the boundaries between two kind of sufferings, one is a city half that has been devastated by the war machine, and another is still controlled by ISIS, its locals are fronting the savage siege, where no thing is in the markets, only the fears from the forthcoming war which is mixed with the deadly famine.