The tragic scene in Mosul, again and fleeing the death to death

A man from Wadi Hajar neighborhood flee with his daughter after his four member family were killed because of ISIS bomb cars that blew off

A man from Wadi Hajar neighborhood flees with his daughter after his four members family were killed because of ISIS bomb cars that blew off


When the white flag becomes red
There is an enemy with no morals
It’s no no doubt, Isis

This photo emerges family members have been killed by isis sniper while they were heading towards the security forces.

Isis fighters target every family tends to get rid of the yokes. It is not the first incident, there have been many that haven’t been told yet. Last week, likewise happened to a family in Wadi Hajar neighborhood, they were shot by isis sniper. The family of 6 members were all killed immediately. Reports from the neighborhood say that the family of Abu Qaythar was killed after liberation of Wadi Hajar neighborhood. They were on the start of their long journey towards the nowhere. Just to be as far as possible from the dangerous zone. The rejoice of the liberation hasn’t lasted except the several hours which were murdered by isis.

Also, in the same neighborhood, many disasters and atrocities said to be taken place. Houses fell down on its residents, because of the bombing and the suicide attacks. Isis has driven people out from their houses in bid of using them as human shields in any forthcoming battle to the depth Mosul. On other hand, many families preferred to stay hidden at homes. Despite the imminent death that they may face in case isis finds out that they disobeyed the order. One week, it was enough to turn Wadi Hajar neighborhood to rubble and scraps. Wadi Hajar in Arabic refers to the valley of stones.
Activists on social media lunched a post says that ISIS made it, a real valley of stones.

A family was shot died by ISIS fighter while they were fleeing towards the security forces with a white banner

A family was shot died by ISIS fighter while they were fleeing towards the security forces with a white banner

Since the military combat has started, the number of displaced people overwhelmed 60,000. In a time where there isn’t any serious initiative from Iraqi government to comprehend the ongoing humanitarian crisis. Witnesses have confirmed that they had to walk 10 kilometers, before their arriving the closest cars garage, southern Mosul.

People flee famine and fears to no a specific direction, or it might be another famine. Poor medical support is being carried on, and media shortages and lack of coverage the amount of the tragic scene.

The battle is very tough and the dense population makes it even tougher.

Locals of Wadi Hajar and other neighborhoods have been displaced and taken as captives to central Mosul.
There isn’t any obvious source of accurate information.

Reports said that isis has intended to use chemical weapons against Iraqi forces in a bomb cars charged with the toxic gas. This can trigger a horrible tragic scene, in midst of the inhibited districts.

What seemed to be a surprise became very expected as the western Mosul battle that started with a smooth advancing, now it’s confined on edge of western Mosul neighborhoods.

To what extent the story of isis use of chemical weapons is true

Locals from Eastern Mosul have confirmed that their relatives have had injuries by what seems to be a chemical weapon. In Al Maliiha neighborhood, isis launched an shells of fatal gas. Doctors from Mosul hospitals assured that they have received suffocation cases. Humanitarian organizations also started to investigate if the claim was true.


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