The battle on sight of the old town




One of the most significant landmarks for isis, this building is. What people in Mosul know as a commercial bank, but for isis it was so high in the center so that isis  involved it in their terrifying death ways.. From that building, many victims were thrown outrageously to death, on sight of the crowds. What had been claimed that people whom were undergone the death penalty of throwing from a high building, are those who have homosexual trend. Many locals assured that the victims weren’t gays as isis had been claiming.

Federal police have managed to control Dwaasa street that leads to the most important zone in the town. At the avenue there is the central square, known as the provincial compound. Recapture of this spot, could be interpreted as first step to the old town. Americans have commended the way in which Iraqi forces have fought the fierce enemy.

The courthouse in Mosul has been liberated, the place that isis had used to sue people and sentence them with the obscene penalties, such as beheading and hand amputation, now that savage era is ultimately over. Mosul cultural museum, also wasn’t so far from a morning with no isis. It has finally been liberated from those that ruined its precious artifacts post June 2014. While Sama Al Mosul TV compound nearby Al Hurrya bridge and Mosul municipality has followed in liberation. By recapturing Al Hurrya bridge, Iraqi forces will be controlling two bridges from five spanning the river that splits the liberated eastern Mosul from western Mosul.


Meanwhile, US led coalition airborne operations have successfully targeted many isis sites in the town. The challenge that many families that had previously forced to displace their homes, now are all crammed in schools and relatives houses at the old town. In Al Sejan neighborhood, reports say that there is inhabited house which was bombed, locals confirmed that they could hear the children who cry beneath the rubble. While, in Mosul Al Jadiida neighborhood, locals assured that ISIS still launch shells on the residential areas, a death case was recorded, and three were gravely wounded. The train of grief, wouldn’t stop western bank Tigris river, in the liberated eastern Mosul, a family was targeted by drones that isis frequently launches.

The famine in territories still controlled by ISIS has been inflating, as the time runs. Locals talk about death from starvation. Many social media activists sent reports to  Iraqi government in bid of finding a way to rescue the civilians, in time the battle is hardly creeping to their neighborhoods.

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