You have voted for hope

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Ahmed Zaidan

You voted for hope of staying in the civilized world!

In pro refugee countries, where the immigrants have become fundamental components in the social fabric, you can feel safe while you wander at night wherever you like. Credibility is high. Once, I forgot my laptop at the café, and returned after an hour to pick up it again. Not because immigrants but because the strong system adopted by these countries and social justice.”

While the countries where governments call refugees are invaders to Europe , actually their communities have fled their system for better life in pro refugees countries. The fragile countries haven’t succeeded in establishing equal job opportunities for eliminate poverty and unemployment.

In that countries, despite of their national wealth that could have ranked them on top of the list, if they had adopted the same economic, social and security policy as it is in the pro refugee states. The clue it’s not with being pro or anti refugees as it is in preserving the norms and regulations of human rights, which can be counted the fertile ground for prosperity. Any violation in the principles that what the civilized world was founded on, it means a step towards what we have been combating for many decades. It is as if you want to pass the exam and you ought to answer the questions, even if you don’t like what you are doing. This fact has been realized by wise nations and the significant law makers.

The values that the modern world stands for, are what have given our civilized world its security. You are safe in our civilized world and thanks to the right bath that we had started to walk after all wars, go and ask your grandparents if they were at the same kind of luxury and security on all levels. Our civilized world does not discriminate you because of where you come from or your own belief. Ask your grandparents if they were able to take up the train, travel everywhere, and again, Just when you start to be a nasionalist, I tell you are approving on very dangerous document, it is exactly the same that many nations before were deceived and accepted to sign, but the result was disastrous.

Accepting to follow natsionalism it is exactly as if we are passing the agenda of other beneficiaries, who are sitting in safe spas and they push people by the name of patriotism to hatred which is the start of of the bloodshed. What makes the human better than the other human, only the deed. Yes, too direct and boring words to be said now, but let’s just dive into the reality.

In Syria people are being killed because of a dictator regime believes that the power shouldn’t be taken from him. However, the tyrant regims are the result of the prevailed trend and ideology in every society. People might not be allowed to vote as in here, but they rather were in wait of change to come with the breeze from overseas. People looked forward to the change without preparing the tools in there and They didn’t open the doors to the wind of change. It is as if you decide to drive your car without a direction nor a map, thereafter, you decided to change the destination. Therefore any change should walk hand by hand with the human rights values and the civilized world approach that are considered the abstract of long term of human struggle towards what we are on today.

In Iraq, nationalism has been pushing the people to fight a neighboring country such as Iran, for eight years. Then, Saddam was toppled, and another era has started when the man had to divorce his wife because she belongs to another sect. The Iraqi parliament became not more than a place crammed with the representatives of the portions of being broken homeland. People tend to vote for the one who promises to rescue up his own sect while the country is heading to bottom.

Iraq is a country that is controlled totally by what so called militas. Each party has it is own militant group. And people have to obey the rules. In Iraq, people and politicians won’t understand that chanting in favor of nationalism it is not what the modern world has dedicated for. In Iraqi media, which is filled by free calls for rooting up this kind of culture. Therefore, Iraq became a closed country. It is like a jail, where imprisoned had been promised by candidates in each election that Iraq will be European states like, but the nationalists never were right throughout the history.

Furthermore, people have decided to shorten up the journey and come to live in Europe. But which Europe! Europe which is not that one who believes in blood and soil theory. It is not that one that eats itself by the name of religion and race. It is not that one of holocaust that turned the European cities to ash. It is Europe of the 21st century. It is Europe that still grasps the lesson from the past in the left hand and while in the right hand it holds a long list of human rights resolutions, standing on the remant of Berlin wall, filled with millions of the lost soldiers mourned faces.



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