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Relief the districts that haven’t been liberated yet!

More than an half year since the military operation has started, preceded by a siege being imposed around Mosul, in a bid to block the city totally from the outer world. The lack of food, a step didn’t in fact affect ISIS families. The only victims are the innocent people that make up 1.5 population. Liberation of eastern side and lately southern parts of western side wasn’t an easy task. Fierce battles triggered a major damage to the city and thousands of souls loses among the civilians, was the price of retaking Mosul from ISIS.

For every family there is a story of fears and starvation. For every neighborhood there is a broad image and impression, for instance the man who carries his daughter, they are both shout as if they want the world to hear that there isn’t any justice left, anymore, became an icon of Mosul massacres. We also haven’t forgot the story of dozens family were mistakenly targeted by an airstrikes in Mosul Jadiida neighborhood triggered around 500 among civilians.

Today, new title is floating up to the surface… The death because of hunger….
People have consumed their stored food, but the grass of the spring was eaten in a city called the mother of two springs. Activists have launched a campaign urges the international community or Iraqi government to throw dates or light food on the districts haven’t been liberated yet.

Many death cases have been reported and corpses were hard to be buried in the cemeteries, the graves were dug within the houses. While many eyewitnesses that managed to escape, confirmed that the corpses are tossed along the roads and odor is everywhere. Isis fighters continue committing atrocities and carnages in killing families who flee the occupied territories towards the security forces. There is still quarter million still detained in the neighborhoods controlled by ISIS.
Glimmer that looms

Hadra city southern Mosul

Hadra city southern Mosul

The Arabic ancient civilization is characterized in Hadara ( urban ) recently it was announced to be totally liberated from ISIS. The inflicted damage to it, said to be minor.
Hadara is located 80 kilometers southern Mosul. It was built on the beginning of the second century BC.
The city of Hadara is the most significant site for those who have interest in urban Arabian civilization, as the found artifacts showed the judicial system of that era. However, the city had been counted an important trade and religious center for Arabic tribes.

The man from Mosul who saved her life

The man from Mosul who saved her life

For more than two years, this old man has maintained her safe from ISIS
A Yazidi girl being kidnaped in 2014 to be sold out among ISIS fighters. Finally she managed to get a safe refuge at this old man’s house in Mosul.
She calls him daddy.
A month ago their neighborhood was liberated

The Third spring


City of Mosul to celebrate the third spring sooner than later
It’s known that city of Mosul is the mother of two springs, as spring time is longer, and moderate weather stretches up to two months. Who knows! Mosul is due to be on a date with important victory in the few coming days, where it will be totally liberated from ISIS.
The forthcoming event will be the most significant in profile of the Iraqi second largest city. History hasn’t recorded a carnage like what Mosul had passed through, during the past three years.
No doubt, the impact of ISIS era in Mosul won’t be forgotten. Hundreds of thousands were forcefully taken from their houses then murdered and thrown in a collective grave. Many families were killed as a result the ongoing battles. Cultural sites and libraries were all totally destroyed.
While the famine is what was never seen in history of Mosul, where people in western parts are paying for grass to be eaten.
So when ISIS will be eliminated in the town, sun will rise again, declares another spring in the city of two springs.

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