Mosul between lanterns of hope and rubble of the war


The greatest popular rally was staged in Mosul on June 27
Activists have recently called for holding the greatest popular rally in Mosul at the platform street to celebrate the first Eid in Mosul followed the Islamic state. Mosul is to be totally liberated within the few coming days according to the announcement made by the Iraqi terrorism-counter force spokesman.


What has happened at Al Manasah ( platform ) street, Eastern Mosul

Group of civil activists decided to convey their message to the world, that Mosul is insisting on better future. On Tuesday, the first batch of reconciliation caravans from the southern Iraqi provinces was to arrive university of Mosul. This step came after 90 percent of Mosul has been cleansed up from ISIS elements. While the major part of the old town is still under fire. 40,000 people believed to be still trapped within the battlefield.

Activists said that Iraqi flag was soaring in the summit as a symbolic banner that brings all Iraqis together. Also books were expected to be donated to the attendees in a bid to spread the new ideology after the dark ages brought by ISIS.

Many Facebook users expressed their adoring to see their city is to be part of the world once again, despite the inflicted damage to infrastructure and the precious cultural loss that the city has exposed. Mosul university which is neighboring the platform street has opened its gate to receive the cultural delegations from Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, while locals willing to participate shall be registered beforehand. The location of this cultural celebration is next to the ruin of the devastated Assyrian civilization by ISIS 2014.

Iraqi security forces have cordoned the avenue, as pre protective step to bogged down any suicide attacks that may have planned by ISIS.

Women of Mosul appeared to be enraged vitally in the new phase

Mosuli woman is to take her role again in leading up the new youth movements in Mosul. The carnival of liberty on yesterday was a clear image that how Mosul looks like after ISIS. It showed obviously the trend of Mosuli youth voice that has been silenced for decades. Yesterday was an ultimate declaration of the new era that has started after ISIS. Things will never stay on the same direction again. Mosul is heading towards liberty. The voice of bombs have opened the doors for the wind of change!


Life is remarkably returning to eastern Mosul, in the time when Iraqi forces battling the most fierce fight to recapture what was left of the old town. Civil activists have widely published a notice that informs people to come for taking their contribute in what was described as a significant declaration of victory that Mosul what was once the de facto capital of Islamic State is celebrating Islamic State defeats.
Meanwhile ISIS has recently blown off Nouri Mosque and its 850 years old minaret, what was regarded the pride of Mosul had been diminished. This historical crime believed to be the last message of ISIS that shows its loss according to observers. Others say that blowing off the most precious landmark for people in Mosul can be interpreted as a revenge from locals who showed their abhorrent of Islamic state in Mosul.
Separately, ISIS managed to trigger a disorder in some districts during the last few days. In Muthana neighborhood a deadly suicide attack has been recorded in a crammed market, left 12 victims among civilians. Where another suicide bomber in Zuhur market didn’t blow.
On Sunday, a raid by ISIS on the liberated Nahrauan neighborhood was confronted by Iraqi forces. The offensive has been aborted and the attackers were killed and arrested, according to Iraq federal police. While on Monday, locals have succeeded to capture ISIS sneaking elements who intended to open fire with silencer on a security checkpoint Eastern Mosul, one of the attackers was stabbed to death while another has been be handed over to police.
Earlier this month, where ISIS fighters managed to overran the liberated Dannadan neighborhood southwest Mosul. Nine houses were burnt out, while the families have been confined to their basements according to the evacuee people. Iraqi forces have accelerated to address the situation. Two days followed the incident, people returned their homes.
In yarmja district eastern south Mosul, the Chosen man of the neighborhood reported to have been killed by unknowns. A woman in Intesar neighborhood Eastern Mosul was found dead on the main street, people have claimed that this woman was previously arrested by Iraqi security forces on no charge, while security forces haven’t made any related statement yet.


Famine in western Mosul


Reports say that 50 kilograms of flour hits up to 700 dollars, while the price of cat is about 40 dollars. It’s known for locals that even grass was eaten during the spring time. Other survivors confirmed that they have eaten papers. Graphic images have lately published on social media emerged that children have starved to death. The photos showed two skinny children seemed to be fallen from hunger.

Other reports leaked out from the old town, the stronghold of ISIS, say that corpses of civilians are still thrown on the roads. It’s known that ISIS fighters have executed dozens of families in the past week while they were biding to escape to the green zones.

Iraqi army has managed to retake Zanjeli neighborhood. The battle counted one of the most fierce in combat against so called the Islamic state in Iraq. Hundreds of civilians believed to be killed during the operation according to eyewitnesses. Meanwhile humanitarian organizations condemned the use of phosphoric ammunition may have been launched in a crammed areas. The charge came after photos were spread widely in media, show a dense white cloud. American is still conducting the investigation to verify the story.

Separately, locals whom been liberated assured that their houses were looted up in western Mosul. A man confirmed that once he wanted to visit his house, Iraqi federal police prevented him from staying more than an hour. He said that his property was stolen. The man claimed that he saw his car with someone believed to be belonging to Iraqi security forces. The man says that he is ought to pay 1000 dollars in order to get back his car. Mosul In English couldn’t verify the story but many stories of this gender have recently floated to the surface. The situation in western liberated areas is by now vague somehow.

Since the operation of recapturing Mosul has started, countless number of civilians said to be fallen during the operation. While the death toll of the victims that have been killed by ISIS during the 3 years believed to be disastrous numbers. As the battle was about to approach, ISIS get more frenzied to murder and ruining. While the inflicted damage to the city infrastructure cannot be compensated. In the time when all charges pointed to the former Iraqi prime minister Al Maliki and his team, the sole convicted man is preparing to campaign in the upcoming Iraqi election.



This man is brave
a Heroic story lies behind

He had sacrificed his life for innocent civilians to resume their preparation for celebrating first Eid without ISIS.

Aziz Surji is a policeman from Mosul, Wadi Hajar neighborhood, his photos spread widely on social media after the deadly attacks of the last week, eastern Mosul. Where two suicide bombers offensives have been carried out by isis at the crammed Muthana marketplace in a rushing hour. People in the liberated areas take the risk of living the everyday life despite of the security failure on different levels.

Witnesses from Mosul confirmed that in the last ten days of the holy Ramadan precede Eid holiday, streets and markets are choked with locals in preparation for Eid Al Futer.

The death toll among civilians declared to be 12, while many were critically wounded. The mount of the victims could’ve escalated much further if there wasn’t a brave police man such Aziz Surji whom life was paid as a ransom for sake dozenes of civilians. The heroic story of Surji that rushed to the second suicide attacker and embraced him in a step to prevent the bomber from getting to civilians. Surji as an Iraqi policeman from Mosul represents an individual supreme behavior in midst of the governmental failure of boosting up the intelligence role in more vital ways. Meanwhile, people say that when they report a previous isis member, the security force will arrest him for only several day before releasing on excuse of there isn’t adequate evidence.

In time where many brave fighters from Mosul or other Iraqi cities are putting their live on the edge in confronting with a fierce enemy to retake Mosul from so called the Islamic State; Iraqi government keens on wasting all these sacrifices.

Bright Stories

Mohammed Hisham

Mohamed Hisham is a seed of success in need to be watered.

Mohamed Hisham is a seed of success in need to be watered

Mohammed Hisham is an Iraqi asylum seeker whom case was denied in August 2016, but he didn’t lose hope. Mohammed has been a voluntary activist throughout the time he has spent in Turku. His story has started in 2016 when he joined the group of supporting the refugees founded by activists of Åbo academy in the summer of 2015, the same year he arrived to Finland.

Mohammed has been engaging in holding a cultural seminars at Åbo academy. Also a study fair being staged at Åbo academy, Muhammad has had his own role in advancing the fair to public by informing the Arabic speaking people to come and participate.

Back in Mohammed’s story, he started as trainee in a farm as part of his will to defeat the challenging life in the exile, as the asylum seeker Mohammed says that he doesn’t want to be engulfed by depression in case he doesn’t do anything.

Also Mohammed says that since we are human, we cannot be isolated from the society. Mohammed urges his fellow Arabs to be involved into many activities being conducted in the Finland, because simply everyone of the newcomers can represent his or her own culture. In other word, people will judge in general a specific community in case an individual of that community misbehaves, many people will condemn all the community in that case.

That’s why it would be very important to bring more newcomers in order to be interacted them with the new environment, as bid to let them know what it looks like, when it comes to dealing with the new culture, he says. Mohammed looks forward to be always active in presenting something to the country in which he wants to live.

Today Mohammed is negotiating his new plan of supporting the elderly. It is the support that exceeds of it is being only a service presented by an activist. But the idea is more about establishing nice relations with the elderly through very important tool. The key is how to please those people that could be characterized by talking and listing. We aim to give elderly the good feeling that we have towards them by deep-rooting the sense of mutual talking. Also it is good for Muslims who think to help for God sake and for getting reward as well. And this project will be the perfect way to get this objective, he added.

“We should not miss the chance of earning something useful”

Yes, Mohammed’s keening on attending the free lessons of learning Finnish language, made him so active person. More of all, Swedish language wasn’t so distant from Mohammed’s reach to learn, he has already started in learning Swedish. Mohammed has been part of many courses that may have increased his experience in this country. The man is still without permit of residency but it was never barrier for Mohammed from sailing within life currents to the island of his dream, the dream that is about to come true, when he is allowed to stay in Finland, thereafter there will be a space in which Mohammed is going to freely float in. The space he could’ve been to if he had awarded the permit to stay. Mohammed clutches the glimmer of light that may loom in end of the stories. He just want to become that independent from the fear of deportation to the place that he had fled, a day in the past. He will complete his study in engineering field and his useful projects are going to be on more solid ground.

Whatever happens, Mohammed is one of the story of success that had fluxed into this country. The novel that was written in a short period of time, it has been on wait to be read.

“It was the life summary of more than two years, the life that has been lived by a newcomer in a country he planted the seeds of his hope in its ground, and sat in pending after he had fertilized the soil with the hard-working job”