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Mohammed Hisham

Mohamed Hisham is a seed of success in need to be watered.

Mohamed Hisham is a seed of success in need to be watered

Mohammed Hisham is an Iraqi asylum seeker whom case was denied in August 2016, but he didn’t lose hope. Mohammed has been a voluntary activist throughout the time he has spent in Turku. His story has started in 2016 when he joined the group of supporting the refugees founded by activists of Åbo academy in the summer of 2015, the same year he arrived to Finland.

Mohammed has been engaging in holding a cultural seminars at Åbo academy. Also a study fair being staged at Åbo academy, Muhammad has had his own role in advancing the fair to public by informing the Arabic speaking people to come and participate.

Back in Mohammed’s story, he started as trainee in a farm as part of his will to defeat the challenging life in the exile, as the asylum seeker Mohammed says that he doesn’t want to be engulfed by depression in case he doesn’t do anything.

Also Mohammed says that since we are human, we cannot be isolated from the society. Mohammed urges his fellow Arabs to be involved into many activities being conducted in the Finland, because simply everyone of the newcomers can represent his or her own culture. In other word, people will judge in general a specific community in case an individual of that community misbehaves, many people will condemn all the community in that case.

That’s why it would be very important to bring more newcomers in order to be interacted them with the new environment, as bid to let them know what it looks like, when it comes to dealing with the new culture, he says. Mohammed looks forward to be always active in presenting something to the country in which he wants to live.

Today Mohammed is negotiating his new plan of supporting the elderly. It is the support that exceeds of it is being only a service presented by an activist. But the idea is more about establishing nice relations with the elderly through very important tool. The key is how to please those people that could be characterized by talking and listing. We aim to give elderly the good feeling that we have towards them by deep-rooting the sense of mutual talking. Also it is good for Muslims who think to help for God sake and for getting reward as well. And this project will be the perfect way to get this objective, he added.

“We should not miss the chance of earning something useful”

Yes, Mohammed’s keening on attending the free lessons of learning Finnish language, made him so active person. More of all, Swedish language wasn’t so distant from Mohammed’s reach to learn, he has already started in learning Swedish. Mohammed has been part of many courses that may have increased his experience in this country. The man is still without permit of residency but it was never barrier for Mohammed from sailing within life currents to the island of his dream, the dream that is about to come true, when he is allowed to stay in Finland, thereafter there will be a space in which Mohammed is going to freely float in. The space he could’ve been to if he had awarded the permit to stay. Mohammed clutches the glimmer of light that may loom in end of the stories. He just want to become that independent from the fear of deportation to the place that he had fled, a day in the past. He will complete his study in engineering field and his useful projects are going to be on more solid ground.

Whatever happens, Mohammed is one of the story of success that had fluxed into this country. The novel that was written in a short period of time, it has been on wait to be read.

“It was the life summary of more than two years, the life that has been lived by a newcomer in a country he planted the seeds of his hope in its ground, and sat in pending after he had fertilized the soil with the hard-working job”

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