Turku in eyes of our poets

By Ahmed Zaidan

Idea: Ahmed Zaidan supported by StepEurope members

“Turku through poetry” an initiative staged by StepEurope organization to materialize city of Turku through poetry lens.

“You might’ve heard that poets are inspired by the surrounding environmental elements. Do you think it’s right say? Let’s see! But it may not resemble the idea of writing which is rife.

The need to rip off the stereotypical image has been becoming indispensable since our world is changing every second. It is an attempt in which we slip out from the cellar of past at the rear gate and ease the bushes down in bid to have a broader glimpse at how the house we lived in is really like”

Our cities resemble our houses, semantically. “Turku through poetry” comes as an attempt to open up another dimension for those who might be willing to read the city features from different angle. As we cannot see layout of the place when it becomes familiar anymore due to the relationship that had formed the place in our minds.

What memories do we have there. How do we like to be somewhere in a specific time exclusively. So writing poetry within this frame by multiple folks can help in many different ways to create a personification of the city itself. This can later be shared publicly, for creating the next phase of the story which is mostly about rising the voices that need to be heard. It is something like mapping the town and rummaging its significant landmarks in such organized sensory way and picking up what we like. We don’t show you the crust of the things but we take the aim to what lies behind the image. Writing is as if you’re submerged into depths to bring out oysters where the shining pearls always are concealed inside the rusty shells. So the results can be surprisingly awesome!

“We neither need to be professional writers nor artists. We need just to be as we are”

Turku castle was our launching station to our workshop. This place specially, believed to be meaningful and inspiring to many people. We have read and seen in different occasions Turku castle as a sample brought by historians and the scholars, it emerged as subject of study. It was part of our knowledge titled under “Did you know”, it didn’t capture our contemporary imagination vastly because of the fact that we just have heard and seen too much of this kind. We have also witnessed the beautiful castle painted on posters and the postcards. But we don’t really know how it relates to people themselves. To what extent everyday life is centralized around this monument. How people feel about it and how do we view it through our own lens.

It is not the same when we are seated behind our discs, writing about the outside. We rather strive not only to recall our mental images by squeezing up our minds but we are mainly into inhaling the actual image that is before our eyes. This can be achieved by gazing at the place in real and falling into the atmosphere. Rain outside the window doesn’t feel the same to those who peer from inside.

It is also a courageous act that motivates people to break down their barriers by sitting outside and writing down their feelings. The shared publication of the outcome of such workshops can be considered a quick way to create not only a joint brain but a joint heart that brings people together. It also can advance an perception of how people may interact with a specific venue in many various ways on different levels.

“StepEurope” is a place where you can meet new people and it is a fertile ground for seeds of friendship to bloom. Also it is where you can think loudly and discuss your thoughts and with finding the potential methods to apply your ideas on the ground. All the attendees in every workshop and activity, they are thrilled to collaborate in bid to come up with the best image of co-working. Through my experience in the field of journalism and poetry, I found out that there is no thing can help you to get your goals achieved more than you start networking aside the persistent work. A place such StepEurope that gather the people who may have many things to share with you, is deemed a perfect station to move on to the right direction. As it provides you with the needed activities to practice and to kick off your journey.